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  • First Place - DB Drags Bass Race World Finals Competition 2007 . 6 Eathquake DBXI 15" Subwoofers, 6 PH10,0000/D1 Watt monoblock amplifiers

Get Sound Treatment from Tri-Audio. 35+ Years of Experience

When you buy from Tri-Audio Sound you can get everything from a sedate sound system to a sound system that rocks your car so much that a member of a band would be proud to own it. How do we know? Mike Luzzi, the owner, is active in The No Mercy Band.


Detailing Services.

$129 (instead of the $199 to $399 that you'll pay for the exact same thing for $399. How does Tri-Audio's detail division do this? Guess who the car dealers go to when they get the wet look!

Mobile Video

Now, your passengers can play games, watch movies and enjoy the ride in style.

This Week's Special

New Special Coming Soon!


Tri-Audio Sound, Inc.

It provides top-notch audio and mobile video products.


Products And Service That More Than Satisfy

We can provide you with a perfect match headrest and visor monitor.


Protect Your Vehicles From The Sun

Tri-Audio's Detail Division offers the Ultra Coat Paint Guard.


No Mercy Band

Recorded live In Top Of The Sir Francis Drake Hotel

Business Hours

Monday-Saturday: 11am to 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Call Us: (650) 343-2781

Our Products

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